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The experience offered by Blairscove’s luxury accommodation and restaurant encapsulates the sophistication and elegance essential for corporate gifts. A Blairscove gift voucher demonstrates to your clients how much you value them, and that your relationship will continue to prosper as you work together towards your shared vision. The gifts you choose should reflect your personal and professional values. The elegance, attention to detail, and devotion to customer experience at Blairscove, along with our classic approach to dining and a cocktail menu with a contemporary twist, produce an unforgettable- and now giftable- experience.

Family members, close friends, and loved ones are given focus when it comes to choosing the right gift, with corporate gifting often falling to the wayside as last minute hampers are put together. With our range of gift vouchers available, you can express your appreciation and loyalty to your customers, clients, colleagues by giving them the thanks they deserve. Whether you are looking for multiple gifts for an event or occasion, or one gift tailored to a specific individual we have voucher options to meet your needs.


Our tax-free vouchers allow for cost effective rewarding of gifts throughout the year, or Christmas bonuses to your employees. Rewarding your staff with a Blairscove gift voucher is a simple and cost effective way to thank them for their hard work throughout the year with a dining and accommodation experience as sophisticated as it is enchanting. To save up to 653.65 per employee, look no further than a tax-free Blairscove gift voucher! 


Reward your staff with a Blairscove gift voucher

You can now give the gift of Blairscove without tax thanks to the Small Benefit Tax Exemption Scheme. Available annually, this scheme must be availed of before December 31st 2019. 


Tax-Free Gifts for Employees- a double bonus for Directors and Employees

Under the Government’s Small Benefits Tax Exemption Scheme, directors and employees are eligible to receive a non-cash bonus of up to 500 completely free of tax, PRSI and USC. A Blairscove voucher is the perfect way to use this benefit to offer annual tax free gifts to your staff while saving up to 653.65 per employee. Blairscove gift vouchers are a cost-saving way to offer your employees the opportunity to experience luxury dining and accommodation.


So how does it work?

With no paperwork involved and no return necessary to avail of the scheme, our tax-free vouchers are a popular option for companies wishing to reward Christmas bonuses to their dedicated and valued employees. Your company will simply receive an invoice for the total value of tax-free vouchers ordered. This invoice is treated as a fully deductible business expense for accounting purposes and -provided the criteria below are met- there is no need to adjust payroll. 


1) Must Be Purchased From Company Funds The business bank account or credit card must be used to purchase tax-free vouchers. Reimbursement from the company will not be granted to directors or employees who purchase vouchers themselves. 


2) Once Per Year As the scheme can only be availed of once per year, only one tax-free vouchers can be gifted to any individual in a calendar year even if the maximum annual allowance of 500 is not availed of. After one bonus has been rewarded under this scheme, additional bonuses will not qualify for tax-free status, regardless of whether the first bonus did not meet the annual allowance of 500. Any unused allowance cannot be carried over to the following year. This means that, for example, if an employee is rewarded with a 100 gift voucher in January, the tax-free allowance is used up in its entirety for the duration of the year. 


3) Non-cash format This scheme requires benefits to be gifted in an non-cash format which cannot be converted into cash, making Blairscove vouchers the perfect option for rewarding your loyal and dedicated staff. 


4) Salary Sacrifice Is Not Allowed The scheme cannot be funded by deduction in an employee’s salary. Your Blairscove gift vouchers will be invoiced to your company, and paid external to payroll. 

Have Any Questions?

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Small Benefits Exemption (the figures)

Blairscove gift vouchers allow you to save significant cost per employee bonus, compared with gifts paid through payroll. The total cost of a net €500 gift paid through payroll is €1,153.65. By purchasing one €500 Blairscove voucher through this scheme you will avail of the maximum annual allowance while saving up to €653.65 per employee.


Tax Savings Calculator

Tax savings for businesses that reward their staff with Blairscove gift vouchers will vary depending on the Tax Band your employees fall under, however you can use the table below to estimate the tax saving for your business:


Employees 20 50 100 300 500
Savings €13,073 €32,683 €65,365 €196,095 €326,823


*figures based on giving €500 net to an employee
on the higher tax band and full PRSI and Tax.

Reward of €500 net paid through: Payroll: Blairscove Gift Voucher
Income Tax at 40% €416.67 Nil
USC at 8% + PRSI at 4% €125.00 Nil
Income Taxes paid by employer €541.67 Nil
Net Reward €500.00 €500.00
Employer PRSI at 10.75% €111.98 Nill
Total cost of reward to employer €1153.65 €500.00


A 500 Blairscove Gift Voucher is tax-free even if the employee is receiving other taxable benefits.